Weekly Update 1/9/22-1/15/22

Housing Justice Priority Campaign Announcement

Have issues with your landlord? Living with cockroaches or repairs that never get done? Is management raising the rent? The Housing Justice Working Group is organizing tenants in San Diego! Come to our next meeting on February 13th, or reach out to get involved!

Reach out to dsa.sd.housingjusticewg@gmail.com

Newsletter Survey

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Call for Position Papers: Resolution on Jamaal Bowman

A resolution calling for the local chapter to sign onto a letter circulated by the National DSA BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group, has been added to the agenda of the January 23 quarterly general assembly. The letter calls for the NPC, the highest elected body within DSA, to expel Rep. J. Bowman for “his Iron Dome vote and ongoing relationship with the Zionist lobby”.

The Leadership Council is requesting that interested members submit arguments for or against signing onto the letter, to be sent out alongside the resolution. Arguments should be no more than 600 words, and sent to the Leadership Council via email sandiegodsa@gmail.com, and should be sent from the same email used for DSA registration, for verification. The deadline for position papers is 12 PM January 16.

General Assembly Voting Change for Absentee Ballots

The Leadership Council has decided to make attendance of general assemblies required for voting, unless a member requests an absentee ballot before the meeting. If you want an absentee ballot, please email the Leadership Council at sandiegodsa@gmail.com any time before the January 23 General Assembly.

Take Action – Stop the CPUC’s Net Energy Metering 3.0 Proposal

Hi comrades – it’s a new year, and new challenges lie ahead for us as we continue to fight for socialism and climate justice.

Action is urgently needed to stop the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) from moving forward with new fossil fuel friendly policy changes to rooftop solar. In a meeting as soon as January 27, 2022, the CPUC could be voting to pass a net energy metering (NEM) 3.0 proposal that is very friendly to investor-owned utilities and makes drastic cuts to the benefits of going solar.

This Net Energy Metering Proposed Decision Toolkit from the Solar Rights Alliance has some background on the issue and information on how to take action.

Internal Organizer Vacancy

The Internal Organizer office of the leadership council is currently vacant. Anyone interested in running for the position can contact the Leadership Council via email sandiegodsa@gmail.com and a special election will be held. Candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

1) Good-standing membership in DSA for a period of at least 2 months

2) Have at least 2 leaders of a working group, caucus, committee, or other leadership position certify their participation in DSA, which can be demonstrated by holding any elected position, attending working group meetings or events, or by affirmation of a co-chair of any committee or working group.

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