Tenant Union Organizing in San Diego

In recent years, tenant organizing has emerged as a major terrain of class struggle. Concentration of ownership in the hands of corporate landlords, inflation, and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened the hardship tenants face across the country. In a housing system where profit matters more than our quality of life, we need a tenant movement to effectively combat the landlord class, secure decent housing for all, and build the necessary power to bring about socialism.  

For these reasons, DSA-SD has prioritized tenant union organizing. Our Housing Justice Working Group (HJWG) has embarked on a major campaign that aims to organize tenants throughout San Diego County. We will knock on doors, forge relationships with neighbors, and set up a network of Tenant Councils that organize for lower rents, timely maintenance, to stop landlord harassment, corner-cutting, and neglect, as well as to empower renters to understand their rights and legal protections. Against a system that places all power in the hands of landlords, we seek to build a movement in which we work together to improve our living conditions, develop our collective ability to defend ourselves and gain working class power. 

No landlord is safe from the awakening power of the people, and we will not stop until San Diego becomes a beacon of socialist politics!

If you want to get involved in building power within San Diego, please reach out to our HJWG through our email (dsa.sd.housingjusticewg@gmail.com) or through their organizer In-take form.

There is no time to waste, we have a world to win!