Our Platform

An end to deportations. Free movement of people, not capital.

We demand an end to deportations. Capitalists have benefited from free movement of capital and an unprotected labor force. Workers must unite across borders. We must extend our solidarity across the world in the form of the immediate acceptance and assistance to refugees in need.

An end to discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, sexuality, religion, disability or class.

Whether it be on the basis of race, gender, religion, orientation or disability, we must fight alongside those who face violence and exploitation. We recognize that the exploitation in our society is as intersectional as its members and our struggle must therefore be intersectional as well.

Tuition-free public education at all levels.

Freely available education at all levels is just one step towards a society based on nurturing the potential of all members. We must ensure all are able to take advantage of this guarantee.

Health care as a human right.

No one should face bankruptcy due to health care expenses. Health care must be treated as a right and not a commodity. We demand the immediately achievable solution through Universal Medicare-For-All.

Complete reproductive freedom in all forms.

Everyone should have the support and tools to decide if and when to have children. We must ensure access to birth control and safe, legal abortion and all forms of family planning. We must provide material support to ensure every child is raised free from discrimination, violence and oppression.

Safe, affordable housing for all.

Housing is a human right; everyone should have access to it. No one should be left homeless when the resources exist to house them.

The end to military aggression.

We demand a foreign and domestic policy based on peace and solidarity with workers internationally. We stand in solidarity with peoples’ struggles for a more democratic and egalitarian society, and against any domestic or imperialist aggression opposition.

Equality in and democratization of the workplace and economy.

Democracy is the road to socialism. Nearly a quarter of most people’s adult life is spent in an environment bereft of democracy. We must resist the attacks on workers’ rights and fight for the expansion of democracy.

Abolishment of the police and prison industrial complex.

We demand an end to the systematically racist and classist criminal justice system by focusing on unarmed intervention teams, restorative justice, decriminalization (the end of the Drug War), and community control.

People and the environment over profit.

If left unchecked, capitalism will destroy our planet and those least responsible will suffer the greatest consequences. We must ensure everyone has access to clean and affordable food and water. We demand environmental justice for the living and responsible stewardship in the name of those yet to be born.