Drop the Charges Against Local Activists Defending our Community!

You can sign onto this letter: https://forms.gle/rvYjfMUdyjAa5Q33A 

We demand that all charges against local activists from San Diego and Los Angeles defending our community from violent far-right extremists be dropped! We denounce the unprecedented conspiracy charges and the unreasonably high bail against transgender activists. 

On January 9, 2021, violent far-right extremists went to Pacific Beach to disrupt and terrorize the local community – but local activists counter-demonstrated to show that hate is not welcome in our communities. In response, not only did SDPD use force solely against the counter-demonstrators, but now almost a year later is going after local activists alleging criminal conspiracy based largely on allegations of wearing black and liking social media posts. This is obscene and tyrannical overreach, and if it succeeds, it will set a deadly precedent for people opposing hate all across the country! 

Local San Diego and Los Angeles community organizations say NO to these charges, and NO to the repression of local activists. We demand the charges be dropped!

We encourage community members to support the defendants in the coming months, prioritizing their leadership in this struggle, donating to their support funds, and speaking out against the repression of local activists for defending our communities!

P.S: please lend your support by donating to their support funds: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6



Democratic Socialists of America, San Diego

Socialist Rifle Association, San Diego



Adam K

Kris Marvel

Gerard Dalbon

A Bridges

amanda eff

Christina Crews

Johnny Tran

Valerie Orozco

Johanna Verdugo


Kate Burns