Harassment Grievance Officers – Call for Candidates

In order to promote the safety of our community and perform the hard work of unwinding colonization and patriarchy, DSA San Diego appoints two harassment grievance officers (HGOs) each year. This year, we also ask that our HGOs act to distinguish and advise on the resolution of intramember conflicts unrelated to identity.

If you are a member in good standing and willing to serve in this essential role, please email sandiegodsa@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, June 12 with a one-page statement on your qualifications and interest in the position. Please self-disclose any facets of your identity distinguishing you from the cishet male hegemony prevailing in our culture.

Members are invited to convene to select two new HGOs to serve one-year terms. A meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 19 at the Point Loma Library. To center marginalized voices, our HGO policy requires a majority of non-cis male/people of color to constitute the ad hoc selection committee. Femmes/members of color are encouraged to participate in this vital meeting. If the major portion of attendees are cis white men, those members will be asked to organize a smaller subset to continue with the meeting.