Rojava Solidarity Statement

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, better known as “Rojava,” is a self-proclaimed Internationalist Commune representing the liberation movement of both women and workers in the region.

We pledge our international solidarity to the people of Rojava against Erdogan and reactionary nationalism in their struggle for autonomy and self-determination!

(DAWG) The Direct Action Working Group of the Democratic Socialists of America, San Diego, wholeheartedly condemns the imperialist aggression(s) committed against the Kurdish people and their allies. These atrocities include: summary killings, bombings of civilians, and extrajudicial violence against activists and political dissidents within Turkey, but also expanding to those affected by the multi-ethnic diaspora.

We recognize that this application of democratic confederalism requires an international show of solidarity in the fight for a better, more just world. The members of (DAWG) send our highest regards and goodwill to the freedom fighters in North-East Syria and their comrades in arms! We commit to engaging our community in regard to this cause and encourage collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals in this struggle.

Solidarity Forever!  
Biji berxwedan!

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