Mutual Aid Is Only The Beginning

By the San Diego Libertarian Socialist Caucus’ Mutual Aid Committee

As socialist organizers, we know that building collective power is relationship building, and mutual aid is a critical component of doing so. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders, the Libertarian Socialist Caucus recognized an immediate need, as well as an opportunity to build camaraderie, and thus began our Grocery Shopping project. 

What has blossomed forth is so much more than the organizers could’ve hoped, thanks to the work of dedicated coordinators, and the people who comprise the network. However, our work is far from over. The worsening COVID-19 crisis in San Diego is taking its toll on working class people. With quarantine being in full effect, we have received an influx of people asking for help. We need to grow the mutual aid fund in order to keep up with the demand. Please show solidarity with our comrades by donating to the fund. Your solidarity will enable the fund to continue its critical work during this global pandemic. 

Thanks to the solidarity of San Diegans and others, our mutual aid program has been able to help almost 200 people with grocery delivery, as well as funds for groceries and other needs. In addition to providing direct aid, one of our coordinators has created a communication space on the Discord app for San Diegans to continue to build solidarity, and help one another. 

We’re in awe of the response of our communities and hope you will continue to offer solidarity by donating to our mutual aid fund. Mutual aid is only the beginning, we have a world to win.