DSA San Diego Calls on San Diego City Council to Reject Amendments to the Surveillance Ordinance

As a member of the Transparent and Responsible Use of Surveillance Technology (TRUST) Coalition, DSA San Diego members have worked to pass a series of reform ordinances through the San Diego City Council.  After 2 years of diligent work involving community input and legal review, the City Council was cowed by the Police Officers Association to insert amendments which severely weaken this ordinance.  These amendments allow blanket-exemptions in oversight for technologies introduced to the city by Federal investigators.  The city will have no oversight or knowledge of the Surveillance Technologies introduced by federal law enforcement partners.

This lack of oversight and control is unacceptable and endangers San Diegans.  Federal agencies have frequently engaged in predatory and invasive surveillance of our Muslim neighbors in the wake of 9/11. The Smart Streetlight in front of the First and Grape Planned Parenthood is still on and selling its data to a private company in Florida.  Abortion seekers traveling to San Diego are endangered by this technology, which can be used to criminalize them in their home state.  In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, federal agents ramped up brutalization of organizers and protestors, while the recent Egbert v Boule has further limited protections for Americans in the borderland region.  San Diego requires stronger oversight to protect its vulnerable populations. San Diego City Council must proactively fight for the rights of Muslims, of BLM organizers and those seeking reproductive healthcare.  DSA San Diego calls on City Council to reject the proposed amendments to the Surveillance Ordinance.  Locate your City Council Member, submit an e-Comment and leave a message, ping your Councilmember on Twitter and plan to show up to the City Council meeting and demand a strong surveillance ordinance.