2019 Major Campaigns

At our March annual chapter convention, the chapter voted unanimously to support our first two major campaigns brought forward by the Immigration Working Group and the Ecosocialism Working Group. These campaigns offer several fantastic opportunities for our chapter’s members to help build our chapter’s capacity, expand local and international solidarity relationships, and grow as organizers.

Growing a Revolution – Community Garden/Education

The community garden plot hatched by the Ecosocialist WG last fall will provide a new base for solidarity, discovery, prefigurative politics (acting out the change we want to see), and community-wide political education. To get plugged in, please fill out the Ecosocialist WG survey.

Cross-Border Connections between San Diego/Tijuana

The Immigration WG has been making several trips a month to Tijuana since the arrival of several thousand members of the Central American Exodus last November, and with this campaign seeks to solidify connections to prepare for new groups. To get plugged in, please fill out the Immigration WG survey. (Members only, please! If you’re new to DSA, we will ask that you attend at least one in-person meeting of the WG before joining our cross-border work.)