Working Groups


The Ecosocialist Working Group mission is to ensure that the transition to socialism in the United States is based on sound ecological principles, preserving the viability of the natural and human environments for future generations and other forms of life, and bearing in mind the historical and present inequities imposed by prior forms of society.

This working group seeks to help our chapter build local power for climate & environmental justice; advance an ecosocialist perspective in environmental justice movements, the DSA & greater left; promote understanding of climate science as well as the intersections of capitalism, imperialism, systemic oppression & climate crisis; and build a socialist movement that reflects the needs of the people and limits of our planet.


The group focuses on internal member socialist education through content recommendations, discussion groups and presentations.


The Electoral Working Group examines the potential for progressive political action in the electoral arena. We will exert pressure on current office holders to support progressive causes, such as single payer health care, protection of immigrants, affordable housing, reduction of income inequality and the equal rights of women and the LGBTQ community. We will also develop DSA campaigns to support selected candidates and ballot initiatives. Doing this effectively will require us to be knowledgeable about who we want to support in San Diego politics. We do not automatically support or reject a candidate or issue based on their party affiliation. We expect that we will do active work only for candidates that openly acknowledge DSA support. We expect that some of our work will be in coalition with other organizations doing electoral work on health care, climate change, supporting the Bernie Sanders movement, etc. We will also be ready to combine our efforts with other DSA working groups on issues such as single payer, sanctuary, etc.


A working group dedicated to the de-commodification of healthcare. We are focused on swaying Sen. Feinstein to cosponsor S.1804, local congressional representatives to cosponsor HR 676, local assembly members to support SB 562 which we will accomplish via calls, canvassing, and other tactics.

Housing Justice

We are fighting for our houseless neighbors, adequate housing for all, and tenants’ rights. We are directly aiding our houseless neighbors with resources on the streets, working toward the state-wide repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, and developing a plan to help evicted tenants combat their landlords in court. We are always looking for new ideas and solutions, so please reach out!


The San Diego DSA Immigration working group aims to build working class solidarity across national and ethnic borders by resisting global capitalism and immigration policies and cultural attitudes meant to divide the working class. In order to accomplish our vision, we will educate ourselves on immigration policies and organizing cultures, build relationships with immigrant rights organizations, and organize for a system that promotes security and equal status for all. Although our group brings together folks of various backgrounds, we seek to center the perspectives of those most affected by policies and cultural attitudes around immigration.


The San Diego DSA Labor working group recognizes the interconnectedness of class struggles with all struggles for oppressed peoples as well as the primacy of worker organizing in our fight for democratic socialism. We seek to promote a strong, militant, rank and file labor movement that can stand up to the vicious capitalist class. To achieve our goals, we will foster class consciousness and worker organizing within the democratic socialist movement and coordinate efforts between democratic socialists and organized labor groups such as unions and worker centers. Participation is open to all workers regardless of union affiliation.

Libertarian Socialist Caucus

A working group dedicated to promoting Libertarian Socialism within our chapter and throughout San Diego.

Socialist Feminist

DSA San Diego’s SocFem WG focuses internally, on the quality of our chapter culture, and externally, on actions within our wider community supporting socialist and working-class feminist objectives. Discussions at monthly meetings untangle the hegemony of patriarchy, how it interferes with broad-based and comprehensive liberation of the working class. We are vigilant in addressing habits of patriarchy/misogyny/queer marginalization, a project requiring continuous effort at the individual and organizational level.