HGO Investigation Conclusion

In October, San Diego Harassment Grievance Officers (HGOs) were notified by the Sacramento HGO of a potential harassment grievance against Ricky Marin, under Resolution 33. Three separate individuals eventually filed grievances against Ricky Marin. with the San Diego HGOs alleging verbal and physical abusive behavior, inappropriate sexualized comments, emotional manipulation, dishonesty, and intimidation. Due to strict confidentiality commitments made to the reporting parties and Ricky Marin, further details of the harassment will not be shared publicly, but the parties reported that the harassment occurred at various points between 2017 and 2021 and caused them harm which led to filing these grievances.

Based upon the evidence and testimony presented to the HGOs by the three reporting parties, Ricky Marin, and witness accounts as selected by each party, the San Diego DSA Leadership Council has determined that Ricky Marin engaged in harassment as defined by Resolution 33. The Leadership Council has therefore taken the following actions in regards to Ricky Marin.:

Lifetime ban on political endorsements from the DSA San Diego chapter
Lifetime ban on leadership roles within the DSA San Diego chapter
One year suspension from DSA

These actions have been taken with consideration to the safety of the filers, the integrity and reputation of DSA chapters in San Diego and Sacramento, and the ongoing efforts of DSA to keep its members free of harassment in a safe, inclusive environment to conduct whatever business they feel necessary at all DSA meetings, events, and activities. The Leadership Council believes these actions are appropriate given the seriousness of the harassment committed by Ricky Marin.