December 12: Demand Scott Peters Fight for Our Lives

On Saturday, December 12, DSA San Diego will join more than 20 DSA chapters in a Fight for Our Lives coordinated action to 1) highlight establishment Democrats’ failure to support the working class and 2) advance our real solutions that have broad popular support. We’re fighting for a COVID-19 and economic recovery response that centers the working class and can serve as a launchpad for the decade of the Green New Deal.

Establishment Democrats, like our very own Scott Peters, have consistently failed to support broadly popular policies that benefit the working class, and now they’re blaming the left for the center’s losses. This action is designed to help shift the national narrative and put the failure on Peters, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the bipartisan neoliberal consensus that will consign us to climate catastrophe and working class misery unless we organize the power we need to change course. We believe sustained, organized movement pressure can move us closer to a people’s agenda—or, at the very least, further delegitimize the center in the eyes of the working class left base we’re helping to build in the longer-term. 

WHERE: Gather at 1 pm at Mandell-Weiss Eastgate Park in La Jolla for a socially-distanced walk to Representative Peters’ office in UTC. Masks are required, and participants will need to stay six feet apart while walking and stopped. We will put Peters “on notice” that we demand so much more than what he’s got on offer.