Call in for Public Power: Thursday, Dec 17, 10 am

This Thursday, December 17 at 10 am newly elected Council President Jennifer Campbell has called a special meeting to open the electricity and gas franchise agreement bids that her predecessor refused to docket due to a deeply flawed process. We encourage all members and supporters of our public power fight to please call in to offer your public comment.

Phone in Testimony
After the meeting begins at 10 am, when the Clerk introduces either the item you would like to comment on or the comment period for, Non-Agenda Public Comment or Closed Session Public Comment, follow the instructions within the  “Public Comment Instructions” by dialing the number below to be placed in the queue.

  1. DIAL 619-541-6310
  2. Enter the Access Code: 877861 then press ‘#’.

Proposed talking points – personalize for greater effect:

  1. The last council president refused to docket the opening of these bids for good reason. The process for developing the invitation to bid and determining the city’s best course of action was extremely flawed, with members of the community given almost no time to absorb and respond to the report prepared by the city-contracted consultants. The advisory body focused on sustainable energy could not meet quorum most of the year given the last mayor’s failure to fill vacancies, and ergo never discussed or provided their advice to council on the merits of the consultant’s report, recommendations, and potential opportunities.
  2. It is clear that in an economic crisis where thousands of San Diegans are experiencing heightened instability that the best path forward for utility service most just and equitable to members of our community is the path away from corporations who extract the City’s franchise fee from our pockets and build their own profits into the revenue model. The City should not be balancing its budget on the backs of the working class.
  3. We urge members of City Council to position any next steps within the context of a binding commitment to public operation of our electricity and gas utilities. Interest rates are at an historic low, there is no better time to begin this transition.