CalCare Car Caravan

AB 1400 or CalCare is California's single payer bill. It would create a single tax-funded health insurer that covers all Californians for all types of care without out-of-pocket costs. Supporters of AB 1400 are organizing a day of action in Sacramento and across the state on January 8th. In San Diego we will be holding a car caravan of supporters (staying in our cars limits the risk of spreading COVID). We’ll gather at the north… Read More

Special Meeting on Candidate Endorsement

On August 29th at 6:00 pm DSA San Diego will hold a special meeting on giving a Chapter endorsement to two of our members who are running for local offices in North County: Matt Corrales is running for the Vallecitos Water Board, and Terry Corrales is running for the Palomar Health Board. Show your support for socialists on the ballot by coming to the meeting! The meeting will be held on Zoom, and the sign-up… Read More