Free Abortion On Demand Without Apology

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. With this reversal, 26 states will likely push their already restrictive laws and constitutional amendments further into total bans on abortion. For the 13 states that had “trigger” laws in place, abortion has already been banned or will be soon. This far-right assault on our bodily rights poses deadly risks to the working class—placing the most severe impacts on low-income people of color and residents in red states. 

The intent to undermine decades of social and civil progress is clear. It marks only the beginning of extreme, right-wing attacks on hard-won rights. In this critical moment, we must stand up and fight back.

What Happens Now?

Here’s what you should know about the status of reproductive rights across the country:

  • “Trigger” Bans: These laws, which 13 states had preemptively set up to ban abortion, have either gone into effect or are in the process of doing so now.
  • 26 States: Over half of states already have laws or amendments that restrict access to abortion, which make them likely to push for further or total restrictions without the protection of Roe.
  • Attack on Civil Rights: A far-right Supreme Court seeking to reverse decades of decisions places basic queer, trans and civil rights under attack.

What’s Our Stance?

Abortions are health care. Our vision is to create universal childcare and universal healthcare, with free coverage for abortions and reproductive care. As a working-class movement, our focus is to ensure that people of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds are afforded the same level of care and protections. 

The current system falls dangerously short. Even as establishment Democrats remain reluctant to combat attacks on reproductive care and abortion, they plead for more funding and votes in the midterms. With our bodies, our lives, and our rights on the line, we must do more. 

How Can You Fight?

Mobilize and organize. To build mass power that lasts beyond a march, it is essential to unite behind a push for free abortion access. Join DSA to get involved with local and national campaigns for:

  • Free abortions and reproductive care
  • Universal childcare
  • Universal healthcare
  • Free gender affirming care
  • Sanctuary status for abortion care in states like California
  • Protection against extradition

Together, we can demand policies that enshrine our rights in the Constitution, protect our lives, and uplift the working class.

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