March 3rd, 2020 Primary Voter Guide

Democratic Socialists of America San Diego’s Electoral Working Group has published the following voter guide for the March 3rd, 2020 California primary elections. You can download a printer-friendly version here.

  • These are pragmatic voting recommendations, NOT endorsements.
  • Candidates endorsed by the chapter are presented in RED BOLD TYPE
  • Important races are presented in Bold Type.
  • A * indicates that DSA-SD has not made a recommendation in the race.
  • Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

US President:

  • *US President: DSA has endorsed Bernie Sanders

US Congress:

  • 49th Congressional District: Mike Levin
  • 50th Congressional District: JOSÉ CORTÉS, chapter-endorsed
  • 51st Congressional District: No recommendation
  • 52nd Congressional District: Nancy Casady, history with DSA, pro-GND.
  • 53rd Congressional District: JOSE CABALLERO, chapter-endorsed

State Senate:

  • 39th District: Toni Atkins, running unopposed

State Assembly:

  • 71st Assembly District: Liz Lavertu
  • 75th Assembly District: Kate Schwartz
  • 76th Assembly District: Tasha Boerner- Horvath, no better candidate in the race
  • *77th Assembly District: No good candidates
  • 78th Assembly District: SARAH DAVIS, chapter-endorsed
  • 79th Assembly District: Shirley Weber
  • 79th Assembly District: Lorena Gonzalez

Judicial Races:

We have not made recommendations in judicial races. The Democratic Party has endorsed Roberta Winston, Alana Robinson, Tim Nader, and Michelle Ialeggio

County Board of Education:

  • 1st District: Gregg Robinson
  • *2nd District: The Democratic Party endorsement is Guadalupe Gonzalez
  • *4th District: Only one candidate in race

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College Board:

  • *Area 3: The Democratic Party endorsement is Julie Schorr
  • Area 4: Elena Adams

San Diego Community College Board:

  • *District B: The Democratic Party endorsement is Bernie Rhinerson
  • *District D: Mary Graham endorsed by Democratic Party

San Diego Unified:

  • *District A: No recommendation
  • *District D: No recommendation

County Board of Supervisors:

  • District 1: Nora Vargas
  • District 2: Kenya Taylor
  • District 3: Either Olga Diaz or Terra Lawson-Remer are acceptable


  • City Council District 1: Corey Schumacher

Chula Vista:

  • *City Council District 3: The Democratic Party endorsement is Steve Padilla
  • City Council District 4: Delfina Gonzalez

San Diego City:

  • *Mayor: No good candidates
  • *City Attorney: No good candidates
  • City Council District 1: Harid “H.” Fuentes
  • City Council District 3: Stephen Whitburn
  • *City Council District 5: The Democratic Party endorsement is Marni Von Wilpert
  • City Council District 7: Raul Campillo
  • City Council District 9: Sean Elo


  • Measure A: Yes
  • Measure B: No
  • Measure C: Yes
  • *Measure D: Democratic Party recommends Yes
  • Measure E: Yes
  • Proposition 13 (not that Prop 13): Yes

Democratic Party Central Committee:

71st District

  • James Elia
  • Mark Lane
  • Tiffany Maple

75th District

  • Gloria Conejo
  • Gibhran Jimenez
  • Nicolle Leeds
  • Heather Roberts
  • Georgine Tomasi

76th District

  • Marge Kealey
  • Megan Ley
  • Dinah Poellnitz
  • Sarah Spinks

77th District

  • Lauren Bier
  • Katherine Hogue
  • Danny Jackson
  • Aleena Nawabi
  • Ria Otero
  • Lori Saldana
  • Luca Barton

78th District

  • Jose Caballero
  • Derek Casady
  • Sarah Davis
  • Ramon Espinal
  • Kevin Lourens
  • Oren Robinson

79th District

  • Max Cotterill
  • Kathryn Meyer
  • Dave Myers
  • Dan Shook-Castillo

80th District

  • Kate Bishop
  • Angel Godinez