Member Meetup: Democracy Social Discussion Group

Join us for our monthly discussion groups about democracy.

Is the United States a democracy? What steps could we make today to improve democracy here? What will potential roadblocks be, and how do we overcome them to achieve a society that works for instead of against the working class? Join the Education Committee’s Democracy Social Discussion Group for a series of informal discussions about democracy.  Schedule Our discussion group sessions will be held both in-person and on Zoom on… Read More

Join the discussion: Giving and receiving constructive criticism

Join us for a discussion about handling constructive criticism.

Criticism is a necessary component of revolutionary change. But how can we effectively criticize ourselves and the institutions we want to improve? Join the Education Committee for our upcoming book club series, where we will discuss the book Constructive Criticism: A Handbook by Vicki Legion. This book takes a look at the goals of criticism and outlines a practical approach. The book is available in PDF or you may purchase… Read More

You’re Invited: Worker Cooperative Workshop

Join us for our 7-week Worker Coop Workshop on Tuesdays and Saturdays in August and September.

Let's build the community we want to live in! Join our Labor Working Group's book club in collaboration with the Education Committee for our upcoming 7-week Worker Cooperative Workshop, based on the Rutgers Worker Cooperative Education Program. Watch the Rutgers video series with us on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm or on your own before our discussion sessions on Saturdays at 11:00 am. See the schedule below for more details. Schedule… Read More