DSA San Diego Endorses Hands Off Iran March July 7

DSA San Diego endorses the Hands Off Iran! march Sunday, July 7, hosted by @PSLSanDiego and Answer San Diego! We invite our members and allies to march with us to tell US imperialists loudly and clearly – HANDS OFF IRAN!

The march starts at the Balboa Park fountain at 3:00 pm:

1549 El Prado, San Diego, California 92101

The United States of America recently celebrated breaking from colonial rule, but today, its neocolonial arms extend across the globe. Those who resist its ruling class hegemony become targets to be undermined, sanctioned, or bombed.

Their target du jour, Iran, is no exception. The nation liberated itself from a western puppet government and has been resisting the US and its allies since. As a result, the US has targeted Iran with a series of provocations, threats, and manufactured crises designed to push the public towards support for war. They have been targeted with sanctions, in violation of international agreements.

The Trump Administration, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and the mainstream media establishment are vigorously attempting to manufacture consent for military conflict. The people of the world have seen this farce before. We will not stand idly by as our nations are dragged into bloody conflict in the cynical pursuit of profit, at the expense of the lives of the Iranian people. We will stand up and make our voices heard – NO WAR ON IRAN.