Mutual Aid Is Only The Beginning

By the San Diego Libertarian Socialist Caucus’ Mutual Aid Committee As socialist organizers, we know that building collective power is relationship building, and mutual aid is a critical component of doing so. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders, the Libertarian Socialist Caucus recognized an immediate need, as well as an opportunity to build camaraderie, and thus began our Grocery Shopping project.  What has blossomed forth is so much more than… Read More

Mutual Aid in San Diego: Why Here, Why Now?

What is Mutual Aid? Mutual aid is an organizational strategy with the goal of building the strength and resilience of a given community through the reciprocal exchange of goods and/or services. The core value that undergirds mutual aid projects is one of reciprocity, as opposed to charity, where aid typically flows only in one direction.  The practice of mutual aid has existed since hunter-gatherer societies, where individuals within a collective unit provided various skills to… Read More